About this Blog

Welcome to my blog, dear reader! Thank you for taking the time!

Come join me on my time-travels through a century of beautiful womanhood. My time-travels are inspired by women that came before us, paving the way to what we can be today; by strangers who smile at me in found photographs, or ancestors who tell me their stories through my family photo albums.

Come meet the men and women of my family whom I love, admire, miss, mourn with, judge, laugh with… All their stories have found their way to me through half a decade of genealogy research.

Come enjoy the gallery of found photos of strangers, someone’s sons and daughters, mothers or fathers, husbands and wives, widows, nieces, godsons, best friends, lovers… I will do my best to research their stories, maybe even re-connect them with their families. Perhaps you recognise any of them?

Enjoy, have fun, be moved, feel happy when you read my blog!