Inspired by Sinaida née Villo

collage sinaida

The autumn came and went. What a beautiful golden autumn we were fortunate to enjoy this year! It inspired me to do an outdoors shooting with my friend Bernd in the style of the 1930s. Most of the inspiration for my time-travels comes from old family photos, like this one. This fashionable young lady is Sinaida née Villo, my great-grandma Emilie’s niece.

Unfortunately I don’t know much about Sinaida. The few hints I have is that Sinaida moved to St.Petersburg, Russia, with her husband during WWII and had a daughter Lena, who gave Sinaida also a grandson Leonid. Sinaida kept contact with her sister Antonina in Estonia, but after the sisters passed away, contact was lost. I would love to find Sinaida’s family in Russia! But not knowing Sinaida’s married name or the married name of her daughter Lena, it looks like I have my next brick wall.

Until I find her relatives, I remain inspired by her style.

All photos of me by Bernd Malöwsky.

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