How It All Started

945158(color)How did it all start, my genealogy journey? It started with this woman, my late granny Juta. ❤

Back in 2013 when I visited my granny in the summer, the two of us went for a walk. She usually was a hard shell to crack when matters of the heart were concerned. She usually became sarcastic when a question too intimate was asked as a way to protect her broken heart. That day, in the midst of the conversation we somehow ended up talking about love. I asked her about grandpa and how they had met. And she gave me a full honest non-sarcastic reply. I thought to myself, “This is new!” So I carefully asked another question. And she replied again. As I asked another question and got another reply, I realised something had changed. She didn’t mind my questions. And perhaps I was asking them the right way, listening to her the right way. We covered all kinds of subjects that day, their marriage, her childhood, her school years, her parents, her first love. When I returned home I drafted my first genealogy questionnaire and called my granny a week later to “interrogate” her some more, this time taking notes. Since then most of my older relatives have had to answer their own questionnaires😅.

I’m so glad I took my chance and cracked the door of her soul open that day🙏, especially now that I don’t have that opportunity any more. The journey has been a gift and sharing with you like-minded people here or on Instagram is pure joy!

Colorisation of the photo of my granny in the 1940s by @myretrophoto

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